Dealership Towing Assistance Services

We have a ‘people-first’ approach to providing the finest service possible throughout Richmond Hill, ON. We provide training to all of our drivers and employees to ensure that they are familiar with all of our policies, processes, and, most importantly, customer service.

Our service doesn’t end when your vehicle is delivered to you at the end of its trip. We’ll keep checking in with you to make sure you’re satisfied and ready for your next adventure. We want you to enjoy your time with us as much as your vehicle will while it’s out on a road trip with us!

We will beat any quote within Richmond Hill, ON and surrounding suburbs. We pride ourselves on providing the most reliable towing service for the cheapest price. We provide fast, reliable, and cheap towing services. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get your car towed from one place to another. Our prices are very affordable. And also don’t worry if you don’t have cash with you.

We use state-of-the-art tow trucks and equipment to ensure that your new cars are towed safely and securely, without any damage or scratches. We also offer flatbed towing services for vehicles with low ground clearance or other special requirements. We work with all major dealerships to provide towing services for new cars that are under warranty or covered by a service plan.

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